Sunday, May 18, 2008

Housekeeping with RSSOwl, a Feed Readers Walk-through

For those doesn't already know what is an RSS reader I would like to tell them RSSOwl of course. Two things made me just crazy the new build: the ability to toggle favicons and the newsgroup integration via plugin. The interface is very simple and functional and clean, I admit that looking to disabling/enabling favicons (feed icons) take me some time to be found, Show Feed Icons is in the white little arrow on the left pane, I was taken by a strange daemon looking at this feature that strangely not all RSS Readers support. I think that favicons sometimes could took you away from reading, maybe is a personal thought, comment out. RSSOwl runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Feedreader and FeedDemon: Feedreader is suggested for a small amount of feeds, I have used it since now, but my feeds are growing day by day, more and more. But Feedreader is growing too exposing a new database integration with MySQL back-end, new features and a new platform coming.

"Obviously there's a lot of feed readers outside, choosing the right reader it's difficult and a personal taste. I have to mention Sauce Reader that found me very positive. Here are some links I found in the past."

GreatNews, Omea Reader, Newzie, NewzCrawler, NewsDesk, RSS Bandit, SharpReader RSS Aggregator, RSSReader, Vox Lite. A great AIR app called Snackr as horizontal scrolling bar. Fuzzy Duck RSS Reader, side. Newsplorer an amiable widget with Delicious integration. KlipFolio, the must have, sadly no more free, but still powerful.

Open Source: FeedIt, openFeeds.
Tray: Feed Notifier, RSSMate, BalloonRSS.
Web Page Reading: AmphetaDesk, Aggie, Syndirella.
RSS Tickers: FeedRoller, Desktop Ticker.
JavaScript (for publishing): News Feeds, the RSSinclude Widget (commercial).
GNU: LIFEREA (GTK+), yarssr (gtk2-perl), Akregator (KDE) and and RSS Reader for the GNUstep environment.

I Would like to suggest a further reading about configuring multiple RSS readers/providers within Firefox and Nine ways to check RSS feeds (including some unusual ones). Many thanks Benjamin Pasero at RSSOwl for his courtesy and support.

Update July 18 2009

The RSSOwl Development Milestone, at time of writing the tenth, seems to be very fast at first sight. The ability to collect categories of bookmarks, Bookmark Sets, is again a good point to don't underestimate. Feeds are displayed by tabs with favicons and the headline navigation is able to perform a fine grained grouping (by author, feed, category, labels, etc.). This Milestone also come with a new reading pane for the post itself with new icons to perform common actions, like marking an headline as sticky or jumping to posts feed comments, customizable sharing functionality where you can choose between well known social networks and e-mailing, and a more intuitive preferences interface with new options. Definitely cute.

Update July 3 2013

the rise of web RSS Readers not necessarily put desktop readers in background. While FeedDemon has been recently licensed free of charge with all of its Pro features enabled (no ads, database maintenance to lessen loads etc.), RSSOwl keep a strong pace, it is faster, more usable than ever, and it is faster. Emerge QuiteRSS, a clean and light reader with all the things at the right place for a great reading experience, heavily recommended.

Further Reading
8 QuiteRSS tips to improve your RSS feed reading | Ghacks

Update July 26 2013

From The SZ development, Royal a simple and polished RSS Reader with the ability to import Google Takeout data and OPML export. It comes as single binary and the RSS feed can be dragged from the browser to the program window, the whole set of news can also be saved as HTML for further reading, minimizes in the system tray and notifies on new posts. On the customization side there's a curious tagging system by colors and the mandatory fonts size (NOTE: to revert to the smallest font size you have to cycle till the max size).

Update January 30 2014

Silently and surprisingly Feedreader launched a new online service ala Google Reader. Due to my affection to the Feedreader Team that let me discover RSS feeds capabilities in lately 1998, I can't not to recommend to try it out, it seems some new good news are coming from these strange (term permitted), guys.